NightHogs Generation 3 Night Vision Hog Hunting

Why Hunt at Night

Our game cameras run 24/7 and they tell us one thing.  HOGS FEED AT NIGHT….PERIOD.   To the degree that over 90% of our game camera pictures of hogs are taken at night.  There are several reasons for this.  For starters, hogs do not sweat so they are prone to overheating.  During warm days they lay in the thickest of cover for shade, which makes them nearly impossible to hunt.   Hogs are intelligent animals, so they  learn early in life it is safer to feed at night when most threats (people) are not active.  Hogs leave their daytime hiding places to feed in open fields under the cover of darkness.  All of these things contribute to our success.

We recently had a father/son that came to hunt with us that really made this hit home…and his conclusions can save other hunters a lot of expense and wasted time.    They had been on 4 other paid hunts and had yet to see their first hog.  The hunts were on ranches that were advertised as having large hog numbers.  The “guides” drove them to a blind in the afternoon and picked them up at dark.  Even if there were hogs on the property these hunters had likely left the blind hours before their arrival.

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