NightHogs Generation 3 Night Vision Hog Hunting

What to Expect on a Hunt

We ask that you arrive about 45 minutes before dark so we may familiarize you with the guns which you will be using as well as our method of hunting. For the safety of everyone we ask that you leave your own firearms at home as they will not be needed.  If you were born after September 2, 1971, state law requires that you have a Hunter Education Certificate or Hunter Education Deferral on your person while hunting.  The need for a hunting license is a source of debate but it is our position that it would be best to have one.

We do ask that you bring an ice chest in which to put your hogs.   One of 100 quart capacity for two hunters (this is a minimum) with 150 quarts being preferable (it still may not hold all of your hogs).  It is a “walk and stalk” hunt, so dress properly.  A good pair of waterproof lace up boots with soft soles (for stealth) is recommended.  Slip on boots are the worst-they “clunk” (hogs hear very well).  Dark clothing (not faded jeans) or camouflage is a must as hogs are able to see even at night.  If mobility is a problem we can accommodate by stationary hunting in the areas of highest activity.  Our hunts are for 3 1/2 hours with the clock starting when we hit the field.

All hunters will be equipped with a set of Generation III night vision goggles so that they are able to help spot hogs we well as see the action play out.  If you have not shot off of a stand-up bipod, we encourage you to practice before coming out.  

We can accommodate hunters of various age and ability.  To date, our youngest hunter was 8 and oldest was 88 years old.  We have guided many on their first hunt EVER!

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