NightHogs Generation 3 Night Vision Hog Hunting

About NightHogs

We aren’t the only game in town when it comes to night vision hog hunting.  So why book a hunt with us?  What makes us different?

For starters, there is the preparation that goes into a hunt.  We have access to about 15 properties and actively hunt about 10 of those (hogs are NEVER on any one property all of the time).  We continuously maintain 25 feeders in the field for hog hunting.  On the day of the hunt we EACH spend several hours checking game cameras and putting out additional corn (400+ lbs) using our receiver hitch feeders.  We study when the hogs are showing up and where so that we may devise a plan of attack as to the order in which to visit properties.

We strive to be a one shot-one kill operation.  We never have and never will have a firing line with a 3-2-1 count.  We want to take hogs out of the pasture, but we do not want to wound hogs.  We do not like to shoot hogs in the guts, the rear or even through the shoulders.  We approach hog hunting as conscientious sportsmen and as such want to take the animals humanely as well as make use of the meat.  Taking the time to move in close for a single well placed shot is well worth the effort.

We do not take more than 6 hunters in the same night and there are two of us guiding.  If we have more than 3 hunters we suggest splitting up and visiting different properties as to improve our chances of success (covering twice as much ground).  At the end of the night we will skin, gut and quarter your hogs-all included in the price.

We don’t have a limit on the number of hogs taken nor do we charge a “trophy fee”.

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